Grizzly Swear

Grizzly Swear

A while back, I watched the movie “Backcountry” with my dad. If you haven’t seen this one, it is a movie that you must never see if you spend any time in the woods at all. It’s about a couple that goes backpacking as a sort of romantic getaway, but the romance is soon ruined when they become lost and viciously attacked by a bear. And when I say vicious, this movie is gruesome — not for the faint of heart. There’s blood, broken limbs, and a bit of (appropriately timed) swearing. At the end of the movie, my dad says “There really was no need for that kind of language.” And I have been thinking about this ever since. 

My dad is a staunch non-swearer. I think the worst words I have heard from him are probably “shoot” or “nuts.” This is an admirable trait and I love this about my dad. It’s pretty rare these days to find someone who has that much self control. It does bring up some interesting quandaries, however. 

My dad has actually had to defend himself from more than one bear (which is why he has had a few Grizzly-hide rugs during his lifetime). I can only imagine that in the midst of the charging bears, the air was peppered with plenty of “For Pete’s Sake!”, “Holy Cow!”, and maybe “Cheese and Crackers!” but surely not “H-E-Double Hockey Sticks” or “Son of a Biscuit!”, and DEFINITELY not “Crap!” (sorry I used that in this sentence, dad).

I had to face some hard facts.

My dad and I still regularly go into the woods when we’re together. Say, perchance, we were surprised by a grizzly. Considering that just today I swore when the printer ran out of paper, if I got my leg bit off, and we both survived the attack, I would have a lot of apologizing to do.

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